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Ищете мотоциклы и автомобили в аренду?

Бали Гуд Байкс
предоставляет прокат мотоциклов различных типов, по разным ценам!
Вы можете арендовать у нас:
➡️Xmax 4mil/month
➡️ Nmax 2mil/month
➡️ PCX 2mil/month
➡️ Vespa 3mil/month
➡️ Honda Brio 6,5mil/month
➡️ Fortuner VRZ 15mil/month
➡️ Xpander 8mil/month
➡️ Hyundai Creta 15mil/month

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On the Batur platform, dedicated to advertisements on the island of Bali, you will find a wide range of motor vehicles: from shiny new motorcycles to reliable used scooters and mopeds. Direct offers from owners guarantee transparent deals without overpayments. For tourists and residents, we offer motor vehicle rentals for any duration. Buy, sell, or rent quickly and easily with Batur. Safe transactions, a wide range, and reliability — all on Batur, your companion in the world of motor transport in Bali