Getting a local Maybank card

IDR: 600 000 for service

Максим Морозов
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• 6 types of currencies

US Dollar (USD) , Singapore Dollar (SGD), Euro (EUR), Australia Dollar (AUD), Japan Yen (JPY), China Yuan (CNY)

Cards are issued only for dollars and rupees are issued in the master card, other currencies are just a bank account.

All currency transactions (cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers) except for dollars and rupees are made inside the branch.

• Deposit

For a dollar card, a deposit of $ 250 (it is possible in rupees, but at the Mybank rate on the day of registration. Approximately 4.000-4.500 million)
You can pick up the next day.
Non-reducible balance 10$

If there is less than $250 on the account, then the service is $2 (approximately 30k)
If more than $250, but less than $500, then another $1 (about 15k)

If the card is not used for more than 6 months, then it is frozen and the service fee is 3$.
To activate the card, you need to go to the branch and pay $ 1 for defrosting.

Closing an account costs $10 and you can close it only in the branch that you opened.

Card recovery due to loss or blocking (wrong pin code) costs 20k rupees

If the withdrawal of dollars is more than $10,000, then the amount that is more than $10,000 is subject to a commission of 0.5%.
Example: Withdrawal of $15,000 of which $10,000 is commission-free, and $5,000 is taxed at 0.5%

• For Rs 200k deposit
You can pick up the next day. Minimum balance 50k.

At the next replenishment, the minimum amount to deposit is 50k.
Service 15k per month

If the card is not used for more than 6 months, then it is frozen, defrosting for free + deposit 100k.

Card recovery due to loss or blocking (wrong pin code) costs 20k rupees

• Transfers/transactions/cash withdrawals

For international transfers, the receipt process takes 2-3 days

If the transfer is in dollars, then the bank commission is $ 25 + 90k rupees
If the transfer is in euros, then the bank commission is 30 euros + 90k rupees

Incoming transfer commission $5.
In any currency except rupees (euro and other currencies, the amount is equivalent to $ 5)

Withdrawal of 10 million rupees per day through an ATM (USD or Euro equivalent to 10 million rupees)

Withdrawal at the bank's cash desk per day is 500 million, but from 100 million you need to order in advance so that you have time to prepare the necessary amount.

Withdrawal of dollars 10.000 $ per day through the branch. Order in advance from 3.000$

Euro and other currencies can only be withdrawn at a bank branch)

Cash withdrawal from MyBank ATMs is free of charge (in the MAKSI tariff free of charge at any ATM but 30 times a month free of charge, then every next 7.500

If the tariff is different, then the commission is 7.500k but also the limit is 10 million.
15 transactions per month (limit up to 10 billion) to any bank for free, after exceeding the limit, each transfer commission 6.500

Payment in online stores up to 10 million
Payment by card in a regular store 7 times a day for free, then 7.500k

Within the bank, transfers without limits and commissions.

If you make a transfer at a bank branch, then one transaction is 2.900k

Per day limit for transfers to third-party banks 100 million.

No name cards!

There is a premium Premier Wealth deposit billion
Can't shoot for 3 months. There is a withdrawal limit of 25 million a day.