We provide the service of opening Permata cards (through contact with the sponsor)

IDR: 600 000 for service

Максим Морозов
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❗️Design conditions:
- One visit to the bank
- Questionnaire in electronic form (fill in)
- Photo of loading passport,
- SIM card Indonesian
-Pay after receiving the card.

❗️Two types of deposit, they are required! You only need to choose one:

1. Multi-currency (Euro, Dollar, Rupees) - 1 000 000 IDR
2. Ruppy only - 250,000 IDR
(The deposit can be withdrawn after the card is closed)

✅You get:
+ account in rupees or multicurrency
+ issuance of a debit (not a personalized card)
+ convenient mobile application
+ convenient payment ikea, gopay, grab, tokopedia, listrik
+p2p features
+ATM limits-10 million/day
+ 20 million transfers, unlimited cash withdrawals